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Remodeling your Garden?

There is something very magical about owning a garden pond. As you sit outdoors on your patio or deck at night, listening to the sound of the crickets and the gurgling of your pond, you feel as though you are camping somewhere deep in the country. During the day, the sound of the fountain creates a calming atmosphere to help you forget about all the worries of the day.

Garden ponds have become so popular that many homes now enjoy the ambience. In fact, the very essence of water as it trickles down over rocks is such a powerful median that homes all across the world have indoor ponds. The great thing about a water pond is that it can be as small or large as you like. If you want something small and more intimate, a nice indoor pond would be ideal. If you want something more elaborate, you could create a Japanese garden pond with lily pads and Koi fish.

Often, people who create a pond are thrilled to discover that the number of animals and birds increase, as they come to drink from the water. You might even experience butterflies and frogs, all making their way to the cool retreat. Therefore, if you want your pond to attract wildlife, be sure you use only special water treatments not to harm them.

Water ponds can be made by digging out earth and pouring concrete to setting a prefabricated liner into the hole. Most often, these ponds are about three to five feet in diameter and with the addition of a fountain, statue, some plants, rocks, and perhaps a light fixture, you have an amazing place to relax and enjoy.

If you live in an apartment or have a small yard, you can create a wonderful pond by using an old half-whiskey barrel, found at most hardware and home improvement stores. By lining the bottom with a special black, plastic liner, you can add a pump, a water fountain, a few fish and plants, and have a beautiful pond. Just be sure if creating a barrel pond on your apartment balcony that you find out first the weight restrictions.

When creating a pond in your backyard, be sure the drainage holes (if you choose to have one) always flow away from the house. The best option is to use a pump that re-circulates the water, especially if you plan to have fish in the pond. You should also use a filter to keep the water clean and make sure the pump and any lighting is submersible. By using these few things, the maintenance of the pond will decrease and the amount of time available to enjoy it will increase.

Making ponds is not a difficult task and the results are truly amazing. You will find that you spend more time outdoors away from the television just to watch the fish and listen to the sound of the water.



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